That Poor Dream – getting realer by the day! Oct 4-26!

We are on the final leg of development for this amazing project.

For the last two years plus, I have had the great honor of working with The Assembly Theater Company on the devising of this play based upon Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. It has gone through many a transformation, but this latest occurring on the final miles towards our largest production to date, feels to phenomenal, moving, and just right. It seems like the work we’ve been doing, what was tangential, what was put aside, is now starting to pay its dividends in the most surprising, generous, and beautiful ways. I am real excited about it, and would love for all and everyone to come if they can.

That Poor Dream

written and devised collectively by The Assembly and the cast
directed by Jess Chayes
produced by Alyssa Simmons & The Assembly

Authors: Stephen Aubrey, Edward Bauer, Ben Beckley, Nick Benacerraf, Ray Campbell, Jess Chayes, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Moti Margolin, Emily Louise Perkins, Terrell Wheeler

Performers: Edward Bauer, Ben Beckley, Ray Campbell, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Moti Margolin, Emily Louise Perkins, Terrell Wheeler

Designers: Nick Benacerraf, Kate Fry, Ray Sun, Ben Truppin-Brown, Derek Wright, Asa Wember

Oct 4-26, 2014
Wed-Sun @ 8pm
10/6 @ 8pm
10/20 @ 8pm

The New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher St.

Tickets available here.
Even if you can’t make the show, The Assembly continues to seek support for the further growth of this piece. If the spirit moves you, and you would like to drop some change into the Kickstarter bucket, it would be tremendously appreciated.

BTW, the video on the Kickstarter page was made by Samovar Film Productions, mine and Emily’s production company.

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