Renewed Contract With CESD!

Last Friday I renewed my contract with CESD for the on/camera and VO divisions! They are the best people! Looking forward to another three years with such a wonderful team, and to booking more work with them!

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My New Head Shot on Blacklist!

My episode on the Blacklist aired last night, and here is the short little scene in which I get shot! haha! It was fun to be a part of this wild TV show.

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I’v been Black Listed!

Just got the news that I booked a role on the TV-Show Black List. Very excited about it! I shoot in a couple of weeks. Episode air date, etc coming as soon as I know!!!

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“My Uncle Napolean” on Sale!

I’m very proud to say that my first self-produced, self-recorded audio book “My Uncle Napolean” has been completed and has been on sale for about a month now!

It’s such a wonderful book, and I do hope that it gets heard, and enjoyed!

For more information:

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Black Box!! (ABC Show)

I was very excited to book and shoot a short little teaser spot for “Black Box” a new ABC TV show that has a 13 episode season premiering April 24!

It stars Kelly Reilly (the wonderful female lead in Flight) as a nueroscientist helping who has her own struggles with mental illness. I had a non-speaking in the teaser part of the 12th episode, and I really think it will come out well. I hope!! The director of the episode was Josh Marsten, who had directed the really wonderful film “Maria Full of Grace”. The writer of the episode were Ilene Chaiken(who was one of the co-creaters of The L-Word), and Amy Holden Jones. My co-star in the scene was the amazingly talented Marjan Neshat.

I’d say more of what it was about, but I’m not allowed! :-)

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Table reading of my play

I have been working on a play called “And The Last Shall Be First”, which is about orphanages and adoptions.

I have recently completed a first draft, and Emily and I decided to do a small table reading with some dear friends. We made cookies, peanut butter sandwiches, and lemonade!

The wonderful actors to whom I shall forever be grateful for lending their amazing voices, talent, and time are (in no particular order): Sarah Arikian, Chris Hurt, Kathy McCafferty, Willy Appleman, Seth Clayton, Jean-Ann Douglass, and Emily (my wonderful wife).

Not sure what next step is, but I think that I would like to dig deeper into the research of the material. I am thinking that possibly, October could be a good time for a higher level reading, perhaps on a black night from That Poor Dream, which the Assembly Theater Company is producing at The New Ohio.

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“Propoganda Festival” Reading

I assisted in a round table reading at the Lark of a new play by Daria Wilke called “The Jester’s Cap”.

Daria is a Russian playwright, who emigrated from Russia to Vienna. She had written a children’s novel called “The Jester’s Cap” which although it wa recognized as one of the country’s top new young adult novels, it was consequently banned for “featuring gay propaganda”. The festival is presenting the novel in an original English translation. The reading is being directed by Lauren Keating.

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“Insecurity” gets more wins

Very wonderful news regarding “Insecurity”, the film in which I play a security guard. Below is the note from the Rob Brink, the director. I’ll take it! :-)

INSECURITY won Best Production Design, Best Director, and Audience Choice at Filmstock Film Festival!

At the Q&A, they asked me where I found the security guard.  They didn’t realize you were an actor,  Moti!  When I said you were an actor, the audience spontaneously applauded for you.  It was pretty cool.

And now the film goes around the 4 southwestern states in the winners’ tour of the Filmstock festival circuit.  In the end, over a thousand peoole will see the film.  So that’s cool. 

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That Poor Dream at Here Arts Center in March… its official

That Poor Dream, the play which I have been helping develop along with the Assembly Theater Company for the last half year has been granted a week long residency at Here Arts Center for March. This is very exciting and indicative of the favorable raport which the play and the theater company has with producers and venues.

The play continues to develop, and we have just completed a month long workshopping process. We still have work cut out for us, but the play is definitely starting to have a shape to it.

So far the play has been produced in two forms in various incarnations. The first was as part of the Ice Factory Festival at the New Ohio, in which the play opened this 20th anniversary run of the festival. The second performance was a 30 minute excerpt version mixed with newly developed material that was presented at the highly reputable, and respected annual Prelude Festival. Both of these presentations recieved very positive feedback, and encouragement.

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My first audio book – “My Uncle Napolean”

I have been working for the last month on the recording and production of “My Uncle Napolean” by Iraj Pezeshkzad. I can’t even begin to say how much I have been enjoying the book! It is really wonderful.

It was first published in 1973, and is considered one of the most beloved novels in Iran’s history. I have been working with the publishing company, Mage Publishers, as well as with the translater Dick Davis, on the recording of the novel. The novel was actually made into a tv series in the 70’s which is also hugely popular in that culture. Many phrases from the show have entered the general cultural lexicon. And really the novel is so wonderful and charming, while also presenting deeper themes about the world of Iran. At the end of it, you can’t help but fall in love with all the characters.

Here is more information about the book on wikipedia:

I can’t wait to  announce when the book is fully completed, and goes on sale! :-)


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