Madame Secratary… on guard!

I’ve been hired to play the part of a body guard on Madame Secratary on the hit CBS tv show. Filming next Monday. Can’t wait!

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“Daastar” written and directed by Javian Le

I will be playing the role of Rick in a short film by Javian Le, shooting for a couple of days next week. The film is about the all too real racial stereotyping by many Americans towards people with East Asian or Arabic seeming physical traits, that arose in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. The challenge of course will be too add some degree of understanding to the roots of this problem, without at the same time justifying it.

I was brought on board this project through an audition invitation extended to me by the lovely Mimi Jeffries, whom I know from several projects at the Columbia University grad school film program.

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“The Poet”

Emily and I play a couple in a film called “The Poet” co-written by our friend Grayson Powell and his friends Robert Tann and Steven King. We are looking to rent an apartment, with hardly enough room for a bed. So, its a real NY story! I also worked on the other side of the camera for this shoot, recording audio for the production that was shot over the course of a couple of weekends. It was a pleasure to work with Grayson, Robbie Tann, and the wonderful Nika Ezell Pappas.

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That Poor Dream back on track…

The That Poor Dream train keeps rolling, next stop Flint & Tinder program at the The Tank Theater in Times Square. We are back up with rehearsals now, and this gives us the opportunity to do more work on the script, and keep polishing it up. Its going to be exciting to start the new year off in this way.

Ticket information is here!


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I have been cast for a quest spot on Elementary to be shot this Friday. Looking forward to it! Should be killer!

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Reading of “The Follower” by Michael Walker and Susan Gomes

I was very excited to be part of the reading of this wonderful new screenplay by the writer/director of “Pricecheck”. I do hope that it continues to develop, as it is really so very full of heart, and also humor. The reading was produced by the good folk of Believe Productions, Katy Wright-Mead, and included some of the usual suspects, Nick Vergara, Rob Bradford, and Kate White. Cathy Curtin of Orange is The New Black was also a part of it.

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That Poor Dream – getting realer by the day! Oct 4-26!

We are on the final leg of development for this amazing project.

For the last two years plus, I have had the great honor of working with The Assembly Theater Company on the devising of this play based upon Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. It has gone through many a transformation, but this latest occurring on the final miles towards our largest production to date, feels to phenomenal, moving, and just right. It seems like the work we’ve been doing, what was tangential, what was put aside, is now starting to pay its dividends in the most surprising, generous, and beautiful ways. I am real excited about it, and would love for all and everyone to come if they can.

That Poor Dream

written and devised collectively by The Assembly and the cast
directed by Jess Chayes
produced by Alyssa Simmons & The Assembly

Authors: Stephen Aubrey, Edward Bauer, Ben Beckley, Nick Benacerraf, Ray Campbell, Jess Chayes, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Moti Margolin, Emily Louise Perkins, Terrell Wheeler

Performers: Edward Bauer, Ben Beckley, Ray Campbell, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Moti Margolin, Emily Louise Perkins, Terrell Wheeler

Designers: Nick Benacerraf, Kate Fry, Ray Sun, Ben Truppin-Brown, Derek Wright, Asa Wember

Oct 4-26, 2014
Wed-Sun @ 8pm
10/6 @ 8pm
10/20 @ 8pm

The New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher St.

Tickets available here.
Even if you can’t make the show, The Assembly continues to seek support for the further growth of this piece. If the spirit moves you, and you would like to drop some change into the Kickstarter bucket, it would be tremendously appreciated.

BTW, the video on the Kickstarter page was made by Samovar Film Productions, mine and Emily’s production company.

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Reading of “The Last Shall Be First” Sep 21 2pm!

I am very excited to announce that Dutchkills theater has selected to add my first full length “The Last Shall Be First” to the lineup of its 2nd annual Looseleaf Reading series.

The play is an examination of the orphan adoption crisis between Russia and the US. Much more than that however, I wanted to explore the nature of charity and kindness in this world. As such, the central theme works as a prism to look at the infinite complexity of human beings trying damn hard, and all too often failing damn hard to help other human beings.

I was inspired by a great many things: Brecht, That Poor Dream, Dickens, Tolstoy, Putin, etc. This is a labor of love, and springs from my continuing struggle with this issue in my life. I’ve no idea what happens next after this reading (if you have ideas, I’m all ears), but for now I am just plain excited and nervous for the opportunity to get it out there, and I would also be incredibly and sincerely grateful to any who could come see it, and share their thoughts about it. Please do come if you can.

There is a suggested donation of $5 for Dutchkills Theater Company, and there will also be beer, and wine, and cookies.

For a little bit of a glimpse into the world of the play, here’s a website I made for it:

I’m also grateful to Michael Piazza, fellow thespian and kindred spirit, who has agreed to direct, and to the AMAZING actors who have signed up to lend their time, energy, and talent. These folk are the genuine article: Alley Scott, Brad Makarowski, Emily Perkins-Margolin, Jean Ann Douglass, Kevin Sebastian, Laura Pruden, Moti Margolin, Rob Brink, Sarah Arikain, Terrell Wheeler.

And finally I’m grateful to the same Alley Scott of Dutchkills Theater Company for the invitation to be part of the Looseleaf Reading Series. The line up of playwrights this year is nothing short of gangbusters: Kate Benson, Jean Ann Douglass, Anna Elliot, Krista Knight, Richard Lovejoy, Erin Mallon, Moti Margolin, Alexandra Silber and Christian Toth. If you have time, check out their work. I doubt that you’ll be disapointed!


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UNICEF Benefit – with Shakespeare

I was contacted by an old friend Gina Stec to be part of a night of short scenes to benefit UNICEF. It will be held on August 14, and I was excited about the opportunity to work on some of Shakespeare in an informal fashion, for a great charity. Additionally the evening is being orlganized by acquaintances from Cohort 7 at The Actors Studio Drama School. It is nice to seem some of these good people, not having seen them for like 10 years. After a bit of deliberation, we settled upon a Much Ado scene for her and I, in which I will be playing Benedick, and she is playing Beatrice. Great fun!

Here is info about the benefit: 

unicef_flyer_benefit (1)

unicef_flyer_benefit (1)









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Black Boxed! Bloody good…

In this episode of the Black Box, “Fear”, I play a mad man on the street, randomly attacking passersby. Until I am stopped by a fearless woman, half my size. Its a pretty good teaser for the show!

Here is a link to the show on ABC’s site:

And here is the clip itself:

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