MEG: I think we are the ones who are blessed by Andrei. He’s such a dream. And he’s made us so happy.

Written by Moti Margolin

Directed by Michael Piazza

Cast: Alley Scott, Brad Makarowski, Emily Perkins-Margolin, Jacquelyn Landgraf,

Kevin Sebastian, Laura Pruden, Moti Margolin, James LLoyd Reynolds, Sarah Arikian, Terrell Wheeler

About the play:  The Last Shall Be First is a play about adoption, charity, and the importance of salsa dancing for leaders of world superpowers.

Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 2pm

CAP 21 - 18 W 18th St, Rm 501

$5 at the Door

 -- Wine/Beer/Cookies will be served --

As Part of the Dutch Kills Theatre

Loose Leaf Reading Series


The Last Shall Be First

FRANKLIN: We want to continue to adopt the orphans.

BORISOV: And we’re just supposed to let you...

FRANKLIN: If you have any humanity at all...

BORISOV: Frank, both you and I know humanity has nothing to do with it.

MARINA: Sonyechka, listen to me. You’ve been here a week, and you are still not strong enough. You cannot let them get you down. If they see weakness they will bite.

TREVOR: you gotta get aggressive girlfriend.

 you gotta take names down on that clipboard!

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